• A Passion for Capturing Our Humanity

       I believe what makes us human makes us beautiful, don't you?

      I am on a mission to capture this humanity on film.

      Do you get lost in Hollywood movies, feel the actors' emotions viscerally even when you know the action is not real, and leave the experienced changed in one way or another?

      My passion is capturing and delivering REAL emotions of REAL, ordinary people in RAW, vulnerable or ecstatic moments. I want your viewers to feel what I felt when I was there, filming your event. It is my utmost pleasure to make agents of transformation like you known to the world.



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    • Portfolio Samples

    • Dansar

      Dansar is a dance company that promotes harmony through dance.

      This promo video helped Dansar truly relate the beauty of Zouk dance to members of the community and attract new members.

    • Elizabeth Ashton Brewer, SLK

      Elizabeth Ashton Brewer believed that spreading love and kindness will make our world a more peaceful place. She had held weekend-long events internationally, but never documented the beautiful connections that people create at her events, the humanity, the simplicity of being kind and open to sharing from the heart. 

      With this video, Elizabeth was able to invite many more dancers and conscious people into her community.

    • Gigi Azmy, Awakened Living Academy

      Gigi Azmy taught singles and couples the art of conscious relationships. Her workshops were popular, but she did not stand out from the crowd of other relationships coaches because people did not get to see her in action doing her magic. 

      With this video, Gigi was able to spread her work to more people in her community, and allow her coaching style to attract more ideal clients.

    • Umang Dave, Umang Dave Coaching

      Umang Dave was a beginning coach who was passionate about inspiring people and giving them a sense of purpose.

      With this video, Umang was able to promote him work and get clients who resonated with his message.

    • What you can expect

      To create an excellent video, I will need to:

      1. Video record the event
      2. Video record testimonials from participants
      3. Interview you, the facilitator(s)/ organizer(s)/ instructor(s)

      *Please reserve 30 minutes to an hour after your workshop or event for the interview.


      Consent and release form

    • How to prepare for the shoot

      • Select and purchase a video package below
      • Fill out the form below and submit the answers to me at least 24 hours before your workshop
      • Email me pictures or a link to pictures of the event location if possible
      • Reserve the room for an extra hour so that we have time for the setup and the interview
      • Have all of your workshop participants fill out an informed consent form when they purchase their tickets or at the door.

      Prep form

    • Packages

      The bronze package: 3-4 minute video, no extra edits

      The silver package: 3-4 minute video, 3 extra edits

      The gold package: 3-4 minute video, 10 extra edits

      The platinum package: 3-4 minute video, unlimited edits, full workshop video

    • Bronze package
    • Silver package
    • Gold package
    • Platinum package